AG-DOM F074 – Villa for sale Ventimiglia

Area (m²)Price
800€ 15.000.000
Built in the beginning of the XX century, the Villa needs some renovation both inside and outside.
Access both by car and by foot from the Via Aurelia. In the 10,000 m² surrounding park there's a secondary building, in need of renovation too, about 100 m² which can be turned into a depandance or a summer house with access to the sea from the private garden.
About 800 m² main villa
100 m² secondary building
10,000 m² park with direct access to the sea.


Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 181
18012 Bordighera (IM)
T +39 0184 262368
F +39 0184 265309

WA +39 344 248 2909