Italy is a great choice to invest in real estate. Not only for its
7458 kilometers (about 4600 miles) of Mediterranean coast, for its historical, cultural and architectural heritage or for its culinary and wine traditions, but also for the wide range of landscapes and habitats presenting one of the highest density of biodiversity on the planet. Every Region is a world on its own with their historical background resulting in a Country with very different aspects made of unique customs, traditions, local food preparations and wine production. All this variety will be at hand to enjoy from your own home in Italy.

Our four-room apartments are a good investment. Thanks to their rational living arrangement they have a good value for money for the living space they offer. You can chose the floor, different features, different locations more or less central, with our without seaview, closer to the sea or even beach front or on the hills.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of our listed properties are not published on the website due to special privacy requests of the vendors. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to make an appointment in one of our offices and get to know all our offers, by phone +39.0184.262368 or email