From Bordighera with love: postcard by a famous journalist

Bordighera is calling the world

Bordighera, the enchanting town on the western coast of Liguria, where the sky seamlessly blends with the sea, proudly safeguards ancient tales while issuing a retro charm, which continues to captivate Europe.

Known as the queen of palms, Bordighera’s allure is unparalleled, boasting fabulous apartments, breathtaking sunsets on its beaches, and a picturesque old town. For centuries, this hidden gem has charmed not only its local residents but also tourists and investors, both Italian and foreign. Increasingly, Bordighera finds itself featured in articles of significant importance in prestigious newspapers, highlighting its timeless appeal and drawing attention on an international scale.

In this regard, read the article Agenzia Domus on Marie Claire.

Last, but not least we can mention the case of the British journalist Jon Bryant, who recently dedicated an article to the pearl of the Riviera dei Fiori published on The Guardian. Through his piece, Mr. Bryant presents to us an unprecedented portrait of Bordighera: a canvas painted with pastel tones depicting the sun setting over the sea, adorned with colors of wonder, and showcasing a rare, genuine, and authentic beauty.

Bordighera’s sea. Picture by Davide Di Fazio.

Looking for Ficus Macrophylla

In his article, Jon Bryant celebrates Bordighera in all its essence and beauty, presenting us the town like a beautiful postcard, adorned with elegant and refined tones and simultaneously intense and moving. The narrative begins with the journalist and his son in search of the legendary Ficus Macrophylla, initially planted in 1886 by the British botanist Clarence Bicknell. In this regard, to the famed phytologist, a museum, or more precisely, a museum and library, was build. This institution preserves and displays valuable archaeological and botanical collections. 

Ficus Microphylla.

In the old town, there’s a treasure of beauty and nature

Mr. Bryant’s narrative further unfolds with a description of the enchanting old town, nestled amidst narrow streets that form an intricate labyrinth of unattainable charm. The pastel-colored houses adorned with vases of geraniums and bougainvillea serve as guardians of the legacy left behind by a departed British community, leaving Mr. Bryant enchanted by the extraordinary beauty of this town.

Bordighera’s old town. Picture by Saverio Chiappalone.

The Exotic Garden Pallanca, among cactus and citrus

The legacy of the British community is evident amid the fragrances of citrus and the splendor of botanical gardens, notably the Exotic Garden Pallanca. Nestled in the heart of Bordighera on Via Madonna della Ruota, this garden, with its extensive and fabulous collection of cacti, stands as an ode to botanical diversity.

Cactus in the Exotic garden Pallanca.

Bordighera’s promenade and the Via Romana: historic elegance combined with contemporary iconalism

The journey of the journalist and his son then continues along the iconic Via Romana, where the fabulous residential complex Angst stands, showcasing magnificent housing solutions. Also notable along this route is Villa Regina Margherita, the residence where the sovereign stayed in the early 1900s. Amidst the classical music that graced receptions and the lively presence of illustrious guests such as Mariani, Fogazzaro, and Carducci.

Villa Regina. Picture by Saverio Chiappalone.

Attracted to the coast as if lured by a sweet siren’s song, Mr. Bryant and his son have finally arrived at the seafront of Bordighera and its iconic promenade, inaugurated in 1947 by Evita Peròn. It’s a charming place that recounts stories of summer days and indulgent ice creams on the beach. Yet, it also speaks of melancholic walks, during which the winter sea, with its beauty and immensity, works to heal our weary soul. 

The portrayal by The Guardian journalist depicts a truly enchanting city. Amid lush gardens, villas of unique beauty, and captivating sea views, Bordighera continues to enchant and seduce. Its charm is unveiled to anyone fortunate enough to have the privilege of getting to know it.

Bordighera’s view. Picture by Saverio Chiappalone.

In reading about his experience, you will be captivated by the promise of a distinctive living experience. Indeed, Bordighera is not just a city to reside in; it guarantees a unique lifestyle. Opting for the city of palms means choosing a life of serenity and beauty—an opportunity that extends beyond the walls of a house. It’s an invitation to immerse oneself in a timeless history in one of the most fascinating places in the world

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