Privacy Policy

1. Cookies
(Directive 2009/136/CE) This site doesn’t make use of any profiling cookie, but only technical cookies required to save certain non-personal informations for the correct functionality of the website (i.e.: language choice). Personal data are not stored or used in any way.
UPDATE 14/05/2021:
The website now uses facebook pixel and its cookies on ONE page ( .This means a third party (Facebook) may know you visited this page if you’re using their services. We use those informations to (anonymously) track the effectiveness of our ads campaign. If you have an ad blocker installed in your browser, it may block this tracking as well.

2. Email
The following informations are given in accordance to art. 13 of regulation 2016/679 GDPR, to the users accessing the website and concerns all of the personal data treated as detailed below.
Emails sent using the information request button (or any other link on this website) are used solely to answer the specific request, and aren’t saved in lists for newsletters, other bulk-mailing lists, nor any marketing mailing from Agenzia Domus nor any third party.
The data are only those voluntarily given by the subject sending the request, and aren’t collected or analysed by any automatical means, but only saved in the archives of Agenzia Domus and used exclusively to answer the request.

3. Rights of the subject
As per art. 7 Privacy regulation and art. 13 GDPR every user retains the right to obtain confirmation of the eventual existence of his/her personal data, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.

In particual, the subject holds the right to obtain from Agenzia Domus the indication:

– of the origin of his/her personal data;
– of the purpouse and means of treatment;
– of the logics applied in case of treatment by IT means;
– the identity, name of the person in charge, responsible person and designated representative;
– subjects and category of subjects to whom the data can be transmitted or that can come into knowledge.

Moreover, the subject holds the right to obtain from Agenzia Domus:
– update, correction or integration of own data
– removal, conversion to anonymous form, or blocking of data treated in violation of law and regulations.
– access to own data and confirmation that a treatment of own data is currently happening or not;
– limitation of treatment,
– data portability, a right to receive a structured format of own personal data;
– right to claim to control Authority

The subject also holds right to oppose, in whole or in part, for legitimate motivations, to the treatment of own data, even if pertinent to the collection purpouse. In particular the subject retains right to oppose to the treatment of personal data for marketing or commercial communications or direct sales or market research. Requests for the previous point must be sent to

Our personnel attended a course about privacy and GPDR arranged by FIMA on 20th Sept. 2018 in Villa Boselli (Arma di Taggia).