Angst Bordighera underwent a transformative process from a luxurious hotel to a fabulous residence.

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For several years, an extensive restoration project has been underway at the former Hotel Angst, which was originally constructed in 1887, along the Roman road of Bordighera. This historic building has been tastefully transformed into a prestigious collection of luxury apartments now available for sale.

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Ligurian coast, where mild winters and refreshing summers prevail, the former hotel was initially erected in the splendid Art Nouveau style. It was conceived by the Swiss impresario, Adolf Angst, who recognized the burgeoning tourism potential of this palm-lined town. At the time, Bordighera was the most sought-after destination among the affluent circles of Europe.

During the belle époque, against the lively backdrop of can-can music, remarkable technological advancements, and a prevailing sense of optimism, the hotel enjoyed an unparalleled era of splendor. Its reputation extended far beyond the Italian Riviera, resonating in the opulent chambers of Buckingham Palace and even arousing the curiosity of Queen Victoria herself.

However, the hotel was forced to close its doors in 1917 and was subsequently repurposed as a military hospital during the aftermath of the Great War. Following this period, the hotel’s fortunes gradually declined until it was eventually shuttered for good.




Angst is offering luxury apartments for sale that combine historic elegance with modern comfort.

The luxury homes project, as previously mentioned, is currently underway, setting a new standard for elegance and refinement.

With a keen eye for detail and a profound respect for its historical heritage, the Angst apartments represent a seamless blend of grandeur from the past and contemporary comfort.

These upscale housing options are available in three distinct configurations: two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom units, each featuring interior designs aimed at creating a warm and inviting living space.

Every room has been meticulously designed to maximize natural light, while the apartments have been equipped to incorporate the latest smart devices and technologies, ensuring a dynamic and modern lifestyle within an environment rich in tradition and history.


By collaborating with artisans and restorers, we aim to achieve a physiological renewal of this historic building, which will enhance the architectural tradition.

Architect Susanna Scarabicchi

The design has been studied in every detail, fine finishes, valuable materials, give each room an elegant and sophisticated air, with a charm of yesteryear, which gives each apartment a unique and unrepeatable charm.

Angst offers its residents an unparalleled experience on the Ligurian Riviera. In the vision of architect Susanna Scarabicchi, elegance, charm and a contemporary lifestyle perfectly combine…



Don’t miss out on the chance to live an extraordinary life and discover the exclusivity of these apartments today. 

Take me to the seaside for exclusive services and a privileged location.

Indulge in the luxury amenities at Angst, including a sun-kissed swimming pool with a solarium, where you can bask in the sunlight or find shade amidst the lush Mediterranean vegetation. Lounge areas akin to aristocratic salons are perfect for engaging in pleasant conversations and socializing. Additionally, the property offers an efficient concierge service, a yoga area, an elegant fitness facility, and more.

Furthermore, Angst is committed to innovation and sustainability by providing electric vehicle charging stations and electric bicycles, ideal for scenic rides through nature while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the gentle sea breeze.

The residence, carefully shielded for privacy and tranquility by a sprawling private botanical garden spanning approximately 15,000 square meters, enjoys an enviable location in a residential area, just 5 minutes from the heart of Bordighera.

It is also conveniently situated 20 minutes by car from Monte Carlo and a mere 45 minutes from the Nice International Airport, making it an exceptional destination for both convenience and luxury.



Angst luxury apartments offer elegance, sport, and relaxation in the Riviera dei Fiori.

Who choose to invest in the exclusive apartments at Angst will not only experience the luxury of their new home but also have access to a plethora of activities and events in the immediate vicinity. These include the prestigious Grand Prix of Montecarlo, the Tennis Piatti Center, the Olive Trees Golf Club in Sanremo, and the exquisite Spa at the Grand Hotel del Mare in Bordighera.
But that’s not all. Purchasing one of the charming houses at Angst opens a world of exploration and adventure. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the enchanting city of Sanremo, known as the capital of Italian music, and be captivated by the beauty of the picturesque villages in the hinterland. Places like Dolceacqua with its enchanting castle, Bussana with its Ghost Town, and the Principality of Seborga with its intriguing Princess Nina.
And let’s not forget the precious chance to immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the stunning Balzi Rossi beach, a true gem on the Ligurian west coast, where the sea is carefully guarded by rugged rocks and dramatic cliffs. You can also venture to the renowned ski resort of Limone Piemonte, surrendering to the embrace of the majestic mountains.

Contact us today for more information. Explore the exclusivity and uniqueness of Angst and acquire the opportunity to live in one of these amazing apartments.