Between history, elegance, and sustainability: The ecological metamorphosis of the Savoy into Casaclima® Condominium

Complesso residenziale Savoy

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Nestled amid the gentle hills of western Liguria and the fabulous sea of the Riviera dei Fiori, Bordighera is a unique city that exudes a magical and enveloping atmosphere. The evocative beaches, narrow streets of the old town, elegant palaces, and palm trees swaying gently in the sirocco breeze have always captivated residents and tourists throughout the year.

Especially during the belle époque, the city experienced an apogee of splendor, becoming a sought-after destination for visitors from all over Europe. Citing the famous painter Claude Monet, they sought «a rich and perhaps unrepeatable human and artistic experience,» choosing to stay in luxury hotels such as Il Savoy, now the first Casaclima® condominium Prot. Nr. 2023-2734 in Liguria, or the former Hotel Angst, today a luxury residential complex.

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Savoy Casaclima®: The green transformation of a former Hotel with a unique history

Residential complex Savoy

Similar to Angst, the Savoy, built in the early 1800s, was located in the heart of Bordighera, offering convenient access to beaches and services. Over the years, this iconic structure underwent numerous changes, culminating in an epic transformation into a modern residential complex —a construction and conceptual revolution strongly supported by us at Agenzia Immobiliare Domus.

An extraordinary renovation, whose works were carried out by SMV construction, which since 2001, is committed to giving concrete shape to multiple projects, with professionalism, punctuality and compliance with safety standards.

This transformation, done under the careful direction of the Surveyor Andrea Rubagotti, has made the Savoy the first Casaclima® condominium Prot. Nr. 2023-2734 in Liguria. For those unfamiliar, «CasaClima» or «Klimahaus» is a certification issued by an agency, attesting to the energy performance, sustainability, and quality of a building.

In this article, we delve into the story of this epic transformation.

New perspective on the residential complex Savoy.

Historical background

Over the years, the former Savoy hotel, now a fabulous five-story building offering a unique wellness living experience, has witnessed many vicissitudes. During the Second World War, it suffered significant damagefrom grenades fired by a French ship. Soon after, it served as an emergency casino due to the original premises being unusable, becoming a landmark and entertainment refuge for Bordighera’s residents and visitors.

The recreational function remained active until the Casino’s transfer to Sanremo, coinciding with the resumption of the hotel business, which continued until 2008.

Renovations and residential vocation

In the decades after the war, the building underwent two major renovations that laid the foundations for its residential destiny. The first occurred in the 60s, characterized by the installation of a comfortable elevatorconnecting apartments to the garages in the basement, along with changes to room divisions and the creation of a practical heating system.

The second renovation in 1995, under Mr. Fea’s management, modernized rooms and services, enhancing comfort levels.

Detail about the ground flour.

Closure in 2008 and transformation into a residential complex

In 2008, the hotel closed due to fire protection system issues, and the prohibitive costs for compliance led to the forfeiture of its license in 2010.

The property’s owners then proposed transforming the hotel into a housing complex — a fabulous choice for residents and those seeking a second home in the charming Riviera dei Fiori.

After navigating bureaucratic stages, the renovation project, developed by architect Cristina Catto and strongly supported by us at the Domus Real Estate Agency, gained approval following the Regional House Plan.

Sketch of the floor plan for the residential complex Savoy.

CasaClima®: An Ecological Breakthrough

The transformation of the former Hotel Savoy into a Casaclima® residential complex signifies a significant change. The «Klimahaus» brand represents energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, living comfort, and green wellness.

The CasaClima® brand guarantees careful and innovative design, aiming to minimize environmental impact and ensure exceptional living conditions. Air quality, energy management, and the use of sustainable materials embody a new concept of living.

Garden-pedestrian square.

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Benefits for the City of Bordighera

This conversion has brought numerous benefits to Bordighera. In addition to the monetization of urban standards, the city will gain a pedestrian square-garden and a new area connecting Corso Europa and Via Roberto. This project aims to reduce traffic on the Aurelia, enhancing the quality of life for residents.

A sustainable building project of which we are very proud.

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