AG-DOM C0003 – Commercial property on private beach for sale in Bussana

Area (m²)
We offer for sale a commercial property on private land facing the sea in one of the most popular destinations for art enthusiasts and lovers of pristine beaches. The structure is located in Bussana, a small village, belonging to the municipality of Sanremo, the city of music on the Riviera of Flowers.
Domus IDAG-DOM C0003
Lease TermsSale
TypeCommercial premises
Area (m²)130
parking place
Although the structure requires some renovation work, imagine the infinite potential that this estate has, the extraordinary possibility of creating a beach establishment with bar and restaurant, in a unique position facing the sea.
This sun-kissed paradise boasts the capacity to seat over 300 people, ensuring your guests have plenty of space to relax. This investment is not only limited to being a seasonal attraction, but thanks to the mild climate of the area, it can be frequented all year round, making it usable for those looking for a structure that caters to tourists regardless of the season.
Since there are no constraints, there is the possibility of building a villa or several apartments pieds dans l'eau.
The timeless beauty of Bussana has fascinated visitors from every corner of the world, making it a popular destination for travelers who wish to immerse themselves in the hypnotic coastal splendor and explore the rich history of the old part of the village, a destination for artists who have made it a hub of inspiration, infusing the air with creativity that harmonises with the surrounding landscape.


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