ANGST Bordighera 1887

HOTEL ANGST was one of the most prestigious and elegant hotels in Europe between the 19th and 20th centuryand had been chosen as a holiday home by many prominent figures of the era like Queen Victoria, Claude Monet, Jean Cocteau, Andrew Carnegie, and Louis Comfort Tiffany.
Despite its recent state of  neglect, the ANGST is still considered a symbol for the Italian Riviera, Bordighera, and tourists who visit the area.

Located within a 20 minutes drive from both Monaco and Sanremo, the building is surrounded by the characteristic landscape of the Ligurian Riviera, with a 360° viewpoint, and a romantic and luxuriant garden.

The residential building will cover about 13.000 m²  and 77 apartments with different surfaces, connected via 3 stairways, each with own lift, and a distribution of the floors which replicates the original layout.
The property will also have a prestigious lobby with a historical stair and two monumental halls on the main floor.



Four Rooms or more: 12
Three Rooms: 48
Two Rooms: 17

A Luxury Building

Living in the ANGST means being part of an Elite who has ancient roots. Its history, the people who lived there, and the luxury finishes, make the ANGST a very exclusive and unique place in the world.
The conservative restoration of the common spaces and historical gardens highlights the luxury of these places as they were meant since their construction.

Sea, Gardens, and the Light… 

Every home has been designed with the seaview, or the view on the surrounding landscape, in mind; and taking advantage of the postion of the building, very high compared to the surroundings, all of the rooms will be flooded with natural light. The blue of the sea and the green of the palms, framed in the tall windows, will be the basic palette of the interiors.

Reintepreting History

The first intention in the design of the spaces is trying to reinterpret the original style of the building in a contemporary key. We don’t want to copy an era, but surely make it perceivable with the use of materials (metals, marble, wood) and revisited details.

Four Moods

For the apartments we developed four different kind of proposals, always following the common theme of reinterpreting history, correponding to four different moods. We named them after the 4 main species of palms of the garden of the ANGST:  “Washintonia”, “Jubaea”, “Phoenix” and “Livistona”. Each of those styles has its own research on materials, shapes and details.

Quality of the settings

Our aim is creating luxury, confortable homes out of time, using natural materials and designing every detail with full attention. The quality of spaces and architecture is always on the first place.