Queen of the palms, nature and the hills with an atmosphere that has inspired throughout the times artists and writers. Bordighera is an exclusive dream between land and sea. The Flowers Riviera is a real treasure: the sea, where the Mediterranean cetaceans reigns supreme, the land giving constant surprise, rich in art, culture, the lively coastal towns hosting events and markets and last but not least the timid villages inland. A charming palette of tastes, flavours and colours. Here between Sanremo and Ventimiglia, a few kilometers from the French border, lies the beautiful town of Bordighera. If there is a place in particular where the tourism in Liguria got its start, that must be Bordighera. It was Giovanni Ruffini, a patriot exiled in England in the 800´s, to tell British people about the charm of the Riviera, writing a novel about Doctor Antonio living in the City of Palms. Since then Bordighera has become one of the most sought after destinations for international tourism.

We have villas, smaller cottages and free standing houses set on the hills with spectacular sea-views. In this category not only we list luxury villas, but also family houses and duplex multi-unit properties. These listings are often quiet and peaceful solutions away from the city centre, with outdoor spaces equipped with accessories such as swimming pool, outdoor parking space and indoor garages.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of our listed properties are not published on the website due to special privacy requests of the vendors. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to make an appointment in one of our offices and get to know all our offers, by phone +39.0184.262368 or email